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The world of Irish real estate or property for sale in Ireland

The world of Irish real estate or property for sale in Ireland

Welcome to Irish Property World! Whether you are looking for property for sale or new developments, Irish Property World is here to make it easier for you to navigate through the Irish property market.

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Looking for real estate agents in Ireland? Check out our online listings by county!

Hotels in Ireland
hotels in irelandLost for a place to stay?
Our hotels in Ireland section lists the best hotels across Ireland. Feel free to add your own reviews!

Golf in Ireland
Golf in irelandFind out about golf in ireland by visiting our online guide to the best courses and clubs. Plus - review your favourite courses!

Ireland Informationireland Information

Irish Property World saves you time and provides a hassle free way to locate property for sale or rent anywhere in Eire. Our aim is simple - to make the Irish property market easily accessible to you! We do this by providing you with a directory of the best properties and developments in Ireland. We also have information about the main areas of Ireland, airports, ferries, golf courses, living in Eire, Irish beaches, hotels across Ireland, and much more.

Every region of Ireland has it's own unique flavour and attraction. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean and the British Isles, the Irish coastal regions are renowned throughout the world, and are a ceaseless haven for sun and adventure. The diversity here is huge, from tiny fishing villages in forgotten coves, to sprawling coastal metropolises. All of them molded by a unique culture, produced over aeons of history, that we have come to love about Ireland. If you're interested in Ireland as a destination start with our Ireland Information page or choose a coastal area from the map alongside and begin your tour directly.

Airports in Ireland
Irish airports in IrelandInformation about Airports in Ireland, bringing you up to date contact details and telephones for Cork, Dublin and Shannon.

Embassies and Consulates in Ireland
Costa BlancaEmbassies and Consulates in Ireland lists the major institutions representing other nations with the most diplomatic affiliation to Ireland.

Webcams in Irelandwebcam ireland webcams
Check out our webcams in Ireland section to see online webcams of Ireland before you visit.

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Visit Irish Property World Forums and ask specific questions about what you need to know regarding Ireland and the Irish property market. Check out the latest topics now!
Irish Property Legal Advice
irish property legal adviceHere we have some information regarding legal advice on buying or selling property in Ireland.

Irish Living in IrelandIrish living in Ireland

Our comprehensive Living in Ireland section will provide information on everything from healthcare, to bringing pets, to installing satellite television.

Beaches in Ireland
Irish beaches in IrelandInformation about beaches in Ireland, listing the major Irish Beaches in where you can relax and enjoy your holidays.
Marinas in Ireland
Marinas in IrelandOur Marinas in Ireland section offers detailed information for mariners all along the Irish coasts, including berths, facilities, contact information and maritime factors.

Fishing in IrelandIrish fishing in Ireland

In this section you can find information about Irish fishing and angling across Ireland

Weather in Ireland
Irish weather in IrelandInformation about weather in Ireland. Visit our Irish Weather section to find the latest.
Maps of Ireland
Irish maps IrelandTake a look at our section on Irish maps and maps about the areas of Ireland.

Festivals in IrelandIrish festivals

There is no better way to get to know Ireland than through its many and fascinating Irish festivals